FELmag, yon espas tounèf pou pwomosyon literati kreyòl

Two months after the 5th edition of the Festival Entènasyonal Literati Kreyòl, the organizers have launched a new project, FELmag, a magazine that aims to “promote Haitian, Caribbean, and Indian Ocean Creole literature above all else”. Le Nouvelliste had the opportunity to sit down with poet Anivince Jean Baptiste to learn more about this initiative.

FELmag is a production of the Festival Entènasyonal Literati Kreyòl, whose main objective is to promote Haitian, Caribbean, and Indian Ocean Creole literature. This action is part of a larger movement to help Haiti, which has the largest Creole-speaking community in the world, gain recognition and appreciation for its rich linguistic heritage. FELmag will be released both in print and digital versions, and each issue will bring together various works from writers, poets, linguists, and intellectuals in the Creole-speaking world.

The magazine will also pursue several objectives directly or indirectly related to the themes of the last edition of the Festival Entènasyonal Literati Kreyòl, which took place in Haiti in December 2023. These objectives are in line with the overall vision of the festival and include creating a space for all those producing work in Creole to showcase their talents, keeping the readers of the Creole-speaking community informed about the latest developments in the world of Creole language and literature, and promoting all initiatives related to the development of the Creole language.

As we always say, we believe that Haiti has a historic responsibility to promote the Creole language and literature. With over 60% of the population speaking Creole, we represent a significant portion of the Creole-speaking world. It is a reality that calls upon the government and all conscious citizens to recognize the importance of language as a fundamental element of a people’s identity.

FELmag is not just a magazine; it is a movement that aims to give a voice to Creole language and literature. It is an opportunity for writers, poets, and intellectuals from the Creole-speaking world to come together and share their ideas, stories, and experiences. It is also a platform to showcase the richness of the Creole language and its potential for further development.

Through FELmag, we hope to bring attention to the importance of Creole literature and its role in shaping the cultural identity of Haiti and other Creole-speaking communities. We invite all those who believe in the power of language and the value of Creole to join us in this journey of promoting and celebrating our beautiful linguistic heritage.

In conclusion, FELmag is not just a magazine; it is a symbol of the strength and resilience of the Creole language and culture. We hope that this initiative will inspire more people to embrace and celebrate their Creole roots and contribute to the growth and development of this unique language.

Let us come together and support FELmag, the space for the promotion of Haitian Creole literature, and be a part of this movement to preserve, promote, and