Jhon Steve Bruenasch révélé dans « Le chant du nouveau mental »

Jhon Steve Bruenasch is a name that has reached all corners thanks to his powerful and poetic lyrics. Hailing from Jérémie, also known as the city of poets, Bruenasch is a singer-songwriter whose music resonates with audiences far and wide. With hits like Chimen limyè, Larelèv, and Madanm, Bruenasch has established himself as a prominent artist in the Haitian music scene. But beyond his musical success, Bruenasch has recently made a literary debut with his book of poems, Le chant du nouveau mental. Born and raised in Haiti, Bruenasch now resides in the United States. However, he remains deeply connected to his home country and its ongoing challenges. In his book, Bruenasch addresses the tumultuous daily life in Haiti, where armed gangs and violence plague the streets. He weaves these harsh realities into his poetry, using powerful and evocative imagery such as bullets, death, flies, and ghettos to capture the essence of life in Haiti. In the poem “Based on the Above,” Bruenasch paints a chilling picture of a world where life is cheap and constantly at stake. His words are a poignant reminder of the struggles and injustices faced by the people of Haiti on a daily basis. But beyond just highlighting the struggles, Bruenasch’s poetry also offers a sense of hope and resilience. Through his words, he speaks to the strength and perseverance of the Haitian people, who continue to face adversity with grace and determination. Bruenasch’s book, published by Éditions Li+, is a powerful and timely collection that sheds light on the current state of affairs in Haiti. As a former student of the National School of Arts in Port-au-Prince and a journalist for Radio Métropole, Bruenasch brings a unique perspective to his writing, making his poetry all the more poignant and impactful. Le chant du nouveau mental is a must-read for anyone looking to gain a deeper understanding of Haiti and its people. Bruenasch’s poems are a testament to the power of art and literature to shed light on important social and political issues. And most importantly, they are a reminder of the resilience and strength of the human spirit in the face of adversity. In conclusion, Jhon Steve Bruenasch is not just a talented musician, but also a powerful voice in literature. His book of poems, Le chant du nouveau mental, is a testament to his profound and thought-provoking artistry. Through his words, Bruenasch invites readers to reflect on the current state of Haiti and its people, leaving a lasting impact on anyone who reads his work.