Trump bat sa dernière rivale républicaine, Nikki Haley, à la primaire de Caroline du Sud

In a stunning turn of events, former US President Donald Trump has emerged as the victor against his final Republican opponent, Nikki Haley, in the South Carolina primary on Saturday. Multiple American media outlets have projected Trump’s win, dealing a crushing blow to the 50-year-old who represents a more moderate wing of the Republican Party. This defeat is especially significant as it occurred in the state where Haley served as governor for six years. Trump’s victory in South Carolina solidifies his dominance in the Republican Party and cements his position as a force to be reckoned with in US politics. Despite being out of office, Trump has maintained a strong influence in the party and his ability to overthrow a popular former governor like Haley is a testament to his enduring appeal among Republican voters. Haley, who previously served as the US Ambassador to the United Nations under the Trump administration, was seen as a potential challenger to the former president. However, her defeat in the primary highlights the continued loyalty and support that Trump commands within the Republican base. It also serves as a reminder that the party is still firmly divided between his loyal supporters and those who are more critical of his policies and rhetoric. The South Carolina primary is an important milestone in the lead up to the 2024 presidential election, with many speculating that Trump may make a comeback bid. His victory against Haley only further fuels these speculations and could potentially discourage other potential Republican candidates from challenging him in the future. Haley’s defeat also underscores the ongoing internal struggle within the Republican Party. As the party grapples with its direction and leadership post-Trump, this result may signal that the traditional conservative values and moderate approach embodied by Haley may no longer resonate with the majority of voters in the party. Overall, Trump’s resounding victory in the South Carolina primary solidifies his hold over the Republican Party and asserts his dominance in US politics. While Haley’s defeat may be a personal blow, it also serves as a reflection of the current political climate and the continued influence of Trump within the party. As the 2024 presidential election draws closer, it will be interesting to see how this dynamic plays out and whether anyone will be able to challenge Trump for the Republican nomination.